As my wife and I love Scandinavia we decided to go on vacation to Sweden this year. We found a nice, typic, red wooden house in Orrefors to stay with our kids. Orrefors is located in Småland in the southern part of Sweden. The area is well known for its glassworks and therefore called the Kingdom of Crystal.


Once more we enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Scandinavia: forests, lakes, rivers, long roads without meeting any other car or driving through a village - we even met an elk. Unfortunately the camera has been in the trunk when we saw the elk standing next to the road. After that my camera was with me all the time - without seeing an elk again. We also went to the forest picking mushrooms and collecting blueberries, went canoeing and made some trips to the cities of Kalmar and Växjö and to the Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby.